2015m. ESŠ čempionato nuostatai

2015-09-03, Author: LSF



European Union (EU) SAMBO Championship

18-20 September 2015 Vilnius, Lithuania


AIM OF COMPETITIONS – to popularize SAMBO sport inside EU countries, improve sportsmen skill and preparation for World and Europe SAMBO championships.


DATE:                           18 to 20 September 2015


REGISTRATION:           Friday, 18 of September 12:00-16:00

                                      (Žirmūnų 1E, Vilnius, Lithuania)


WEIGHTING:                Friday, 18 of September 18:00-19:00

                                      (Žirmūnų 1E, Vilnius, Lithuania)


COMPETITIONS            10:00-17.00 - Preliminary Competition (Saturday, 19 September)       

SCHEDULE:                  17:00-20:00 - Opening Ceremony, finals, awarding Ceremony of winners & prize-winners

DEPARTURE:                  Sunday, 20 of September


PARTICIPANTS OF       Boys and girls born in 1997-98 and two year younger are

THE COMPETIONS:      admitted to the competition.


WEIGHT                        Boys:        -48,-52,-56,-60,-65,-70,-75,-81,-87, +87 kg.

CATEGORIES:               Girls:        -40,-44,-48,-52,-56,-60,-65,-70,-75, +75 kg


                                      Men:        -52,-57,-62,-68,-74,-82,-90,-100, +100 kg.

                                      Women:  -48,-52,-56,-60,-64,-68,-72,-80, +80 kg


WEIGHT                        Men:       - 68,-74,-82,-90,- +90 kg.


(COMBAT SAMBO)                 


LAST DAY OF               4 September  2015.

PRELIMINARY              E-mail:info@sambo.lt  (Lithuanian sambo federation)

APPLICCATION:           Tel:      (+370) 5216 39 26, (+370) 686 67323


TERMS OF                    Each Application must contain the information about the total quantity

PARTICIPATION:          and names of the official and unofficial members of their delegation.

Official composition: head of delegation – 1, coaches – 1, referee – 1, athletes – not less than 4. Each team may include not more than 2 athletes in each weight category of each age category for which the competition is held.


FINANTIAL                   Organizing committee will provide accommodation (two night’s) and

TERMS:                         meals (breakfast & dinner - two days) for 1 (one) sportsmen in each weight category in each age group and for officials: head of delegation – 1, coach – 1, referee – 1. Delegations have to pay 30 EUR per day for sportsmen (second sportsmen in same weight category and age group) and for another delegation members above mentioned quota.

Travel costs are at the expense of the corresponding federations taking part in the competitions.